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ClickBurst Media is a Google-Certified Digital Agency that builds and manages online marketing campaigns. We offer cost-effective campaigns that drive impressions, conversions and long-term, sustainable growth.


We specialize in Pay Per Click, Search and Display Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization/Mobile Optimization, Landing Page and Website Development, and Google Analytics. Our technical team has had many years of experience in all of these disciplines. We can also guide the entire online marketing effort and provide Digital Marketing Strategic Consulting.


Unlike many other digital agencies, we also have a strong, long-standing background in brick and mortar Marketing and Advertising, Strategy, Creative, Branding, and PR. We think this brings a unique perspective to the table along with the guiding principle of integrated marketing — the concept that your online campaign should reflect and fully align with your overall marketing strategy.


We can help with all phases of your digital strategy. Give us a call or request a free quote and we will figure out how to best serve your marketing needs.


Pay Per Click (PPC) is the fastest way to get your business up and running.

Generate instant targeted, high-intent traffic and consistent, cost-effective conversions.


Build relevant, sustainable, organic traffic for your enterprise with Search Engine Optimization, a vital longer-term strategy both as a companion to Pay Per Click campaigns and on its own.


Your web presence is the cornerstone of your business. We can optimize your existing site or build from scratch. All digital campaigns require high-quality, optimized Landing Pages to succeed.


Conversion Optimization, Mobile Optimization, Analytics and Tracking, or Email Marketing—we do it all. And we'll help push your campaign forward with an effective, on-point Digital Strategy.


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    For Once, You Don’t Have to Choose

    We often like to tell clients that Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) go together hand-in-hand as a dual-pronged attack.


    PPC has a comparatively very short-term build that can get you customers or leads today, while SEO requires a much longer-term build and ramp up before it’s effectiveness begins to be seen. So, in our view, PPC is how you open your business to literally instant traffic, while SEO is how you generate traffic more sustainably for the long run.


    On top of that, PPC and SEO overlap technically as well—your PPC keyword research and SEO keywords and rankings can definitely help each other and drive higher CTR (Click-Through-Ratio) and conversion.


    While you want to ultimately generate a large percentage of your traffic organically through non-paid search listings, we believe that if your PPC campaign is consistently generating leads and sales with good ROI, there’s a never a reason to turn it off — you can enjoy the best of both worlds by continuing to feed your PPC budget along with your SEO budget for a well-rounded, comprehensive and sustainably profitable digital marketing strategy.

    PPC and SEO
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    Digital: The Tipping Point Has Arrived

    “The world is spending more than $20 billion a year on pay-per-click advertising through Google alone…and most of it is from small and mid-sized companies.” The New York Times

    The Times wrote the above quote in 2010.


    That number will be closer to $83 billion for 2017 and by 2020 is expected to top $113 billion.


    For the first time in history, digital ad spending has become the largest branch of advertisement—yes, more than TV. According to eMarketer, advertisers spent $72.09 billion on U.S. digital advertising in 2016, while TV spend was $71.29 billion.


    This seismic shift has been forecast for years, and now we are actually here. It’s a massive realignment of the marketing universe, and now it’s crunch time for TV as it struggles against the onslaught of digital.


    The message in all of these numbers should be crystal clear — the majority of your advertising, if it isn’t there already, should be digital.