Click-to-Call Campaigns


Click-to-Call campaigns bring new pay per click functionality to the Google Adwords. They offer many unique opportunities not yet available on any other platform.


Depending on the industry, Click-to-Call can target the most motivated audience with the highest buyer intent, connect them from their mobile device directly to your phone reps or a call center, and track them all the way through their digital path.


Click-to-Call campaigns have very specific attributes and potential pitfalls that require careful consideration, testing and evaluation, before and during a campaign. Before we recommend Click-to-Call, we will do a potential ROI evaluation for your specific case. If we determine Click-to-Call to be a fit for your product and needs, we can then establish an end-to-end campaign including set-up in Adwords, set-up of call and conversion tracking and Google Analytics (if not already in operation), and managing and optimizing your campaign on an ongoing basis.

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