Conversion Rate


There are a myriad of factors that influence how a site visitor converts — or doesn’t — on your site or landing page.


These factors could involve any visitor touchpoint, from your audience-facing ad campaign, to your landing page or website offer, your site’s design and programming, through to your ecommerce platform and shopping cart design, your mobile optimization, how and if you are properly tracking your visitors and conversions, etc. etc. etc.


Anywhere, and very possibly multiple points of this path, can have issues that need optimization.


Your landing page — or lack thereof — can very often be a major culprit.


There could even be issues with your product offerings, copy, messaging, packaging and pricing that need to be addressed based on the competition in your industry.


The good news is that this issues are all identifiable and, in most cases, correctable.

As part of our Conversion Optimization service, we perform an audit and analyze every potential breakdown point in your system, from A to Z, and isolate areas where we know we can improve your conversion.


We can then setup A/B tests, analyze performance and continually optimize with our findings, resulting in increased conversion.


Conversion Optimization, like most digital marketing, is not a one-time sprint — it is an ongoing process of collecting data, correcting and optimizing issues, and measuring results over time. But done correctly and consistently, the end result is sustainable higher conversion and ROI.

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