Conversion Tracking


One of the most basic mistakes and wasted opportunities in any campaign is to not have conversion tracking enabled for EVERY conversion action that is meaningful for your campaign and for you, and having that tracking function correctly.


Many users think that conversion tracking is something that you just slap your site on at the end of your campaign build and it “just works.” No—tracking code is not an iPhone—it often DOESN’T just work.


Conversion code is very often placed in the wrong locations or on the wrong pages and either doesn’t record, or doesn’t record properly.


Ecommerce code can be a real nightmare — even when you have google developers working with you. This is because ecommerce code requirements and locations can be VERY different from platform to platform, and often require some custom coding to function.


An often omitted vital action is TESTING. Every campaign needs to allow a minimum of 2 or 3 days for events and transactions to propagate properly in Analytics with all desired parameters showing.


We have done this drill countless times and can take the pain out of getting all of your tracking code to work.