Custom Solutions — Hacienda Del Sol — Web/Booking Program

Custom Solutions — Hacienda Del Sol — Web/Booking Program

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Custom Solutions — Hacienda del Sol

A. Hacienda del Sol Custom Web Site Updates/Revisions:

1. Add 800# to site

2. Add large “Reservations” button

3. Add “More Info” Form

4. Add Spa Page(s)

5. Add Blog Icon on the website in strategic places.

6. Add Cancellation Policy

7. Add Privacy Policy

8. Add FAQ’s page under reservations

9. Create standard format of Reservations Details page so each post excerpt features the intended copy under the title on excerpt pages (Reservations, Upcoming Retreats).

10. Fix convention within Reservations Details pages so all follow same format includes event details etc.)

11. Change all reservations post titles to all caps or upper/lower.

12. Additional WP Booking Training

B. Advanced Booking System Modifications:

13. Change over booking format from “fixed” to “daily” and create discount packages for multi-day events.

14. Create date boundaries for all events.

15. Add pull down menus / check boxes for purchase of additional items on booking pages.

16. Create “multi-step” booking process so user fills out calendar on one step and form and related purchases on another, so we can better control the purchase flow for the customer.

17. Add booking calendar widget to home page, reservations page and/or other pages as desired.




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