Custom Solutions — Hacienda Del Sol — Web/Branding/PPC Campaign (Part A)

Custom Solutions — Hacienda Del Sol — Web/Branding/PPC Campaign (Part A)

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Custom Solutions — Hacienda del Sol


Web/Branding/PPC Creative Development Program

A. Website Updates:

1. Reduce vertical size of photo masthead

2. Edit masthead photos

3. Put “Book Now” button or similar Call to Action onto photos in masthead

B. Branding Creative Development:

1. Redo HDS Logo.

2. HDS Slogan Creative.

C. PPC Campaign Creative:

1. Create Banner Ads for Display Campaign and Remarketing Campaign

a) Copy Creative
b) Design
c) Create Banners in all banner ad dimensions (9 sizes)

2. Implement Display Campaign




PPC Management Services | Starter


PPC Management Services


• Multiple ad variations split testing and analysis

• Keyword bid management

• Landing page testing and optimization

• Advanced traffic, performance and conversion analysis

• Continual campaign monitoring, testing and optimization

• Negative keyword monitoring

• Local and regional targeting

• Mobile and video campaign design and implementation (as applicable)
• Click fraud monitoring

• Monthly reporting and analysis

• Monthly status calls and quarterly strategy review

• Client support via e-mail and phone


PPC MANAGEMENT SERVICES (STARTER — $500/mo.): $1000.00 (2 months — Oct./Nov.)


TOTAL PROGRAM COST: $5000.00 (PART A: $2500.00)

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