Custom Solutions — Ticket Defense Discovery Phase

Custom Solutions — Ticket Defense Discovery Phase

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Custom Solutions

Custom Solution — Ticket Defense Discovery Phase — $2000.00
1) Initial Competitive Analysis:

For both and your Nevada site we will do:

• Geographic Analysis
• Positioning Comparison

2) Adwords Ad Spend/Keywords Review of Main Potential Competitors:

We will analyze the sites/companies that we feel are the primary companies you should position against and determine their monthly AdWords spends as well as their primary keywords.

3) Additional Keyword Research:

Define best primary/secondary keyword(s) to base each site on

4) Pricing Analysis and Recommendations:

For both services, based on Positioning and Location Analysis

5) Findings and Recommendations

Compilation of our research learnings from the above actions including Keyword Reports, potential traffic, overall potential customer acquisition and pricing.

Our recommendations and proposed next steps:

• Primary keywords against which domains should be optimized
• Domain suggestions
• Any name suggestions resulting from the above research
• Primary keywords for targeted landing pages
• Preliminary Keywords for Initial PPC Strategy

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