Digital Strategy


We all know that the digital marketing world is constantly evolving at a light-speed pace. It’s fast even for those of us in the digital marketing business — especially for those of us in the digital marketing business. Keeping up is a constant struggle.


The good news is that digital marketing is, after all, marketing…and it follows the rules of marketing. As such, campaigns have to have some semblance of order, structure, and integration with all of the overall marketing and sales activities of a business. And they have to have some relevance to the market sector and vertical they are addressing, as well as the competition they are doing battle with.


The key to this is strategy, and the key to a good strategy is the most important, yet most overlooked, component in any marketing endeavor — research. Marketing may seem like magic — and sometimes it works that way — but only AFTER and BECAUSE OF sufficient and correctly done research.


Whether it be keyword research as part of a campaign setup, competitor research to establish a marketing approach and USP (Unique Selling Proposition), or consumer research to find out whether your intended audience even likes your product in the first place, or if they think it’s priced too high or too low, research is key.


Even though we specialize in digital marketing, we have firm roots in tradition and brick-and-mortar marketing that help us make sense of what’s happening in the digital world. We can help you structure your overall digital marketing strategy and approach or help you strategically with any of your specific digital initiatives or marketing efforts.


Good starting points for our Digital Strategy services are below and covered in detail on the linked sections, which you can also find individually under “All Services” on the main menu.



If you have a need in this area, please call us and we can work out a plan that works for your situation.

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