Email Marketing


Though it is often overlooked, email campaigns and list-building should be in the core of your marketing arsenal and the foundation upon which your ongoing marketing activity is based.


This is not just our opinion. According to a survey by Ascend2, email is the single biggest marketing expense for the surveyed companies.


Many businesses start to achieve critical mass after their in-house email is sufficiently large to generate a substantial recurring revenue stream on it’s own.


Email marketing is an art, and as you may have already experienced, it is a highly regulated activity in terms of dealing with CAN-SPAM compliance and the even tighter restrictions put in place by the ESPs themselves to protect themselves from the potential violations of their customers.


Navigating the email provider landscape — not to mention dealing with the creative and writing required in ongoing campaigns, as well as the suite of emails necessary for Ecommerce sales and follow-ups, and drip campaigns — can be a real time-suck for small businesses.


There can be quite a ramp-up in terms of picking and ramping up with the right provider, as well as the demands of executing campaigns on a tight, recurring production schedule.


There are also multiple tracking codes for multiple types of campaigns and landing destinations, ecommerce codes to implement to get purchaser data to auto-populate in your provider lists, plug-ins to manage the process, forms to set up and code to send form converters to your lists, etc.


As you may have already found out, it’s a lot more to manage and execute than is envisioned by a company when it thinks “Hey, let’s do email campaigns.”


We have many years of experience managing email campaigns from soup to nuts, as well as the capabilities to execute high-level creative.


We can guide you through the process—let us know how we can help.