Google Analytics


Perhaps the most important element of your digital marketing campaigns, other than the ad creative and landing destinations, is performance and source tracking.


The undisputed leader in this arena is Google Analytics.


Yes, there are many other tracking platforms, and sometimes these are indicated, depending on the type of camping and channel, but for the most part, it’s Analytics that is giving you the insights into your marketing that you need on a yearly, monthly, daily, and hourly basis.


Google Analytics is an incredibly deep platform — much deeper than most users typically typically take advantage of, and it can offer a wealth of insight into every phase of your digital marketing and, more importantly, your audience.


We are Google Analytics Certified and can set up your Analytics, create and install goals and Conversion tracking. install all relevant tracking codes necessary to track and report your visitor movements and actions.


We can unravel it for you and make sure that everything that SHOULD be tracked IS being tracked, and that all tracking codes are firing properly and reporting properly. Then we can help you interpret and evaluate the steady stream of data and make it make sense.


Let us know how we can help.