Landing Page Design
& Development


Probably the most important make-break point in your marketing chain is your landing page.


It is also very often the least understood component.


You may already know this data from experience or have researched it before, but the basic guidelines to a great landing page bear repeating.


To be successful, a landing page must:


  • Control the visitor’s attention and lead them gently, but firmly, to a sale
  • Have no navigation that lets the visitor click off the offer
  • Have copy that is completely relevant to the ad and offer that brought the visitor to the page
  • Have a very clear and valuable offer
  • Have a single, very clear call to action
  • Clearly express the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the product or service
  • Have copy that handles objections and leads the prospect to a sale
  • Have a clear layout with a good eye trail
  • Use images and colors that appropriately highlight the key sales points and are not distracting
  • Repeat the call to action appropriately throughout the page


Landing pages are one of our specialties, and no two landing pages are exactly the same. Call us and we can customize a package that fits your needs and objectives.

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