Mobile Optimization


There are some extremely important reasons why optimizing your site for mobile should be at the very top of your digital to-do list.


Firstly, as of 2017, over 51% of all searches on Google originate from a mobile device, according to Google.


The dramatic, consistent uptrend of mobile usage cannot be overstated, as it points clearly to the web of the future — which is already upon us.


Secondly, because of this undeniable fact, Google is greatly rewarding sites that are mobile-optimized and significantly penalizing sites that are not.


Simply put, you just can’t afford to not be mobile-enabled.


We will evaluate your site functionality and performance for mobile and recommend a course of action.


Depending on the nature of your site, for example if your site is a blog or news-oriented site, it may be advisable to implement AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology into your site, but this is not usually needed for situations other than these.


In a worst case scenario this may require switching themes in WordPress or developing mobile-only versions of your site pages, but if your site is already built on WordPress or has some semblance of mobile functionality, we can determine what would be needed to bring it up to snuff.

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