PPC Management Pricing

Monthly Ad Network Media Costs (Google/Bing/FaceBook)

The largest cost of your PPC campaign is of course the media itself. This could be either on Google Adwords, Bing Ads, or Facebook Ads. This cost is a completely transparent pass-through cost charged directly to your credit card on an ongoing basis by the ad network.


We control the daily/monthly budget, which is never increased beyond what you have approved. We will make continual recommendations as to where we think the budget should be, but will never increase it without your approval.


We firmly believe that budgets should not be increased aggressively — or in most cases, at all — until a campaign has made it through it’s initial testing and optimization phases and begun to generate positive metrics and meet ROI expectations.


At that point, and in line with your overall marketing and camping goals and objectives, we would begin to recommend increasing the ad spend and possibly adding other channels, in order to scale the account upwards and increase revenue. But again, we will never make those budget changes or activate any other channels without your direct written approval.

One-Time Campaign Set-Up Fees

All campaigns require set up, whether it’s a brand new, never-before-run campaign, or a reconfiguration and resuscitation of an existing campaign. Many companies offset the time they spend setting up a new campaign by requiring a long-term contract commitment — which we do not do — over which they can amortize their initial investment of time. Instead, we charge a one-time fee to do all of the research, technical, and creative necessary to build the campaign.


If we have to do a brand new campaign build, we have to do all of the initial keyword, competitor, sector and product research necessary for us to get a full understanding of your company, your product(s), your competition and the marketplace so that we can build a relevant and competitive campaign. Then we have to structure all of the ad groups, create all of the ads, and set up the campaign. If we are taking over an existing campaign, you are most likely having us do so because the campaign has not performed up to expectations ins one way, which means we will STILL have to do (or redo) keyword research, competitor research, market and sector research, PLUS we have to analyze the campaign’s historical performance and inspect it for errors and misconfiguration to try to determine what may be wrong and how we can improve performance.


Either of these scenarios requires quite a bit of expertise and can be very time consuming. Additionally, the monthly media spend amount can also influence how long the setup is, as larger volume ad spends frequently have more demanding research and setup needs — for example, online stores with a large number of products requiring multiple, highly delineated ad groups and large numbers of keywords and ads.


It is also a common misconception that because an account has a low monthly media spend, it should be easier to set up. In actual fact, new campaigns with small media spends are almost always test or evaluation campaigns as, in reality, EVERY new campaign is a test campaign. We usually never ramp up a campaign’s ad spend budget until it is already starting to perform positively and consistently. So the set-up requirements on a test campaign are the same as any other campaign — or even more so — as any just-starting-out campaign will always require the most tweaking and optimizing to get it into an initially positive state. For this reason, the set-up fee for a new campaign with a very small ad spend is usually the same or more as an established campaign with a much higher budget.


Most campaign set-ups will fall somewhere between $1500 and $2500. Occasionally, we can do a set-up for less, depending on the campaign, and for some very large campaigns it could be more. This is because the set-up requirements and time involved can vary greatly from campaign to campaign. We will always provide you with a quote up front before you commit to anything. Our fee structure is the result of many years of experience and a lot of trial and error and we are happy to explain the rationale behind it.


Here are the setup actions we perform for each new campaign.


As always, please let us know if you have any questions regarding set-up or other costs or if you have any specific needs or concerns.

Monthly PPC Campaign Management Fees

It is our mission to do everything we can to make your campaign successful and increase its performance and ROI.


The monthly management fee is based both on the size and complexity of your account as well as the size of your monthly ad spend. But ultimately, it’s a reflection of the amount of time we feel we will be devoting each month to managing and optimizing your campaign. Our bottom tier management fee is $1000/month.


Here are the actions we perform on an ongoing basis.


Call us and we will work up a detailed custom solution for you.


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