Pay Per Click provides the ability to gain widespread on-demand brand awareness and customer acquisition without relying only upon long-term search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Unlike SEO, PPC can generate literally instant, highly-targeted traffic, and should be a staple in every digital marketing arsenal.

Our Approach

At ClickBurst, we provide the expertise and experience to maximize your ad spend each month.

Our focus is to provide increased value to your PPC campaign by driving the targeted traffic that ensures your ad spend results in ROI that consistently surpasses expectations.

What We Do

Our PPC team helps you take control of your online marketing by setting up, launching, managing and optimizing paid search campaigns for Google AdWords, Bing, and Yahoo that get fast, targeted results. We continually perform multiple optimization actions on an ongoing basis to increase performance and ROI.


Pay Per Click campaigns cover many bases.

The basic components are briefly outlined below and covered in much more detail on the linked sections, which you can also find individually under “All Services” on the main menu.

PPC Audit

A PPC Audit is usually the starting point when we onboard a new client. This is where we learn and understand the historical performance of your account and find what needs to be improved. Even if your campaign is performing well, we need to get up to speed with your campaign before we take it over and make changes into the future.

PPC Management

PPC Management is the main service we provide. View a full description and detailed list of the components included in this service.

Google Adwords / Bing Ads

Google Adwords and Bing Ads are the two major search platforms. We build and manage campaigns for both.

PPC Lead Generation

PPC is a vital tool for generating high-quality leads. We typically build a test campaign and run it until we start seeing predictable metrics, at which point the campaign can begin to be incrementally scaled and operate as an ongoing and sustainable lead generation platform.

Click-to-Call Campaigns

A Click-to-Call campaign can be vital to a local business, or those that depend on extremely motivated potential buyers that are ready to talk to a live person. Although competition in certain markets can be very high, the benefits are very much worth it for many types of businesses.

Remarketing Campaigns

Almost no PPC campaign is complete without a Remarketing campaign component. At a minimum, every campaign should always be collecting visitor data so that Remarketing can be turned on when appropriate. We always set this up as part of every PPC campaign build.

Google Shopping Ads (PLAs)

The quickest way for an interested shopper to potentially buy your product is through your Google Shopping ad. They can see it, price it and compare it to your competition without having to go to your site. This channel is crucial for any product-oriented business.

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