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SEO is vital to the growth of your business, and it’s importance just keeps on growing.


According to a survey by Ascend2, with the exception of email, B2C companies allocate the highest percentage of their marketing spend to SEO—more than any digital advertising channel. 42% of business professionals across multiple industries planned to increase their 2016 SEO budgets according to a survey by Web Strategies.


If you’re not convinced yet, how about this—SEO spend alone is expected to hit $80 billion in the US by 2020.

Total Us Spending for SEO 2008-2020 chart


Google’s continuously evolving algorithm is one of—if not THE most—complex pieces of code on the planet. According to Wired magazine, it has TWO BILLION lines of code (and still growing)—and it is also probably the most highly-guarded data on the planet other than classified government/military information, and unknown to everyone to boot—including those that work in the SEO industry. Hmmm…wonder if that could cause any issues… Oh—did we mention that the algorithm is also constantly changing? This, too, is part of the conundrum particular to SEO. It’s hard enough already without Google constantly changing the rules of the game.


With the current rules of SEO, there is a much stronger emphasis on building quality, unique content and real, legitimate link-building, but this emphasis is really as it should be. When you think about it, it’s not too dissimilar from how a brick-and-mortar business operates. Quality (content) and referrals (links) are developed over time, and a good reputation is a slow build—but if properly maintained, this reputation can last for a very long time. Combined with many of the previously standard actions, this new focus will provide sustained, long-term value for a business’s health.

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