ClickBurst offers various levels of initial and ongoing SEO services that meet any short or long-term objectives. Top-level SEO activities consist of Strategy & Research, Keyword Optimization, On-Page Optimization, Link-Building, Local SEO Optimization and Content creation. We go into more detail below.


The SEO of today is quite different from the “good old days”, like way back in, say…2010. The era of “link farms” and buying 1000’s of unknown (probably black-hat) links from potentially unscrupulous bulk link vendors are long dead and gone, so if you are still thinking with the prevailing wisdom of that bygone time, we can help you get up to speed with what SEO consists of in 2018: content and real, sustainable link-building. That is what drives search engine result position into the future and helps you grow your business.


Quality organic link-building is a very time-consuming ongoing process done by hand the old-fashioned way—by building real, actual relationships—and that is not an easy or quick method to implement in order to procure immediate sales or lead generation. This is just a preface for letting you know, if you don’t already, that SEO is a complex, constantly-changing process.


ClickBurst SEO services are completely white-hat. Our content creation is 100% original and US based. We don’t “spin” content (lift and re-use other third party content by putting it through automatic re-phrasing software.) We write it ourselves using actual US English written by English-as-a-primary-language writers with impeccable grammar. We think this is an absolutely critical requirement of real SEO. And don’t forget — actual humans read your content too — so if you want to be thought of as a high-quality enterprise, then your copy has to appeal to people and not just Google robots. Developing quality content is one of the primary ways that we add value—because good writing never goes out of style.


We offer the below:


SEO Audit


Every campaign is different, but an SEO Audit is where we always begin. This will tell us where things are now and which direction we need to go in.




Our SEO Services are provided on a monthly basis. View a full description and detailed list of the components included in this service.

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